An extremely fine experience

We saw the “big five” and lot of different wild animals and birds. Highlights was to see leopard and rhinos very near. Our guide was very really expert. Good accommodations was also surprise for us. We recommend safari in Tanzania.

Janne Francis
Turkey Co. Limited

Kenya Safari

Thanks a lot to the team of Seren Destination Safaris, my week in Kenya was awesome. I enjoyed EVERY MINUTE OF MY TRIP from the great lodge accommodations in Amboseli (Kibo) and in Tsavo (Kilaguni) and the exciting game drives.

Jasmine Viny
Art with Jasmine

Amazing experience

Amazing wildlife, spectacular Kilimanjaro scenery, clear Indian ocean waters with marine life and corrals, competent guides and friendly people, reasonable and clean accommodation; Nature is all around you in Tanzania, whose citizens strive from the bottom of their heart to make your trip worthwhile.

One love Foundation

Best Safari experience in my life

I have been on Safaris a couple of times in Tanzania, however, it was nothing close to what Ronny and his Crew provided to our group, they are amazing and provided a unique experience for our team such as seeing all the big five animals as well as lion hunting a zebra and also spotting a cheetah. Ronny’s crew are absolutely fantastic and very professional, they are very polite and knowledgable as they know very detailed information of animals such as the reasons elephant create craters on the slope and what minerals the elephant tusk are used to extract, furthermore they can spot animals from very far away without any assistant of binoculars and also they are clear about the animals intention which allowed my team to view the lion hunt on the zebras. Overall, I would love to use Ronny’s service again due to the friendliness and professionalism they offer to customers.